Harlequin Level 3 RIPs
*** Version 9.0 now available! ***

Highwater Torrent RIPs and Quickflow Workflows - we can upgrade them NOW!

Xitron RIPs and Workflows - we can upgrade them NOW!

Speed up your Imagesetter with fast Software RIPPING

Highwater Designs Ltd (UK) is the developer of the Torrent (Harlequin) RIP, Quickflow Workflow and Q2 Spooler. These products are now supported by Xitron (USA) and by G2 Solutions (Aust).

Direct to Film - Epson & Canon

Direct to Metal Plate - Epson 7900CTP System

G2 Solutions
Australian distributor

for Xitron Products


Highwater RIP Products

G2 Solutions
Unit 3, 95 Riverside Place
Morningside, Brisbane QLD
Australia 4170
phone +61 7 3899 6664
email: sales@g2.com.au

web: www.g2.com.au

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