Harlequin Level 3 RIPs
*** Version 7.1 now available! ***

Speed up your Imagesetter with fast Software RIPPING

FujiFilm RIPs

In an agreement with FujiFilm, Xitron has taken over the Harlequin upgrade and new RIP business previously provided directly by FujiFilm. Upgrades are only available for Intel NT RIP's.

If you require an upgrade to the latest Harlequin version, (5.x) this will require a dongle change to convert the Fuji RIP to a Xitron Navigator RIP which can then be upgraded to the latest software.

Included are FujiFilm RIPs driving ECRM devices.

Barco RIPs

Xitron and Barco have entered and agreement whereby Xitron sells, supports and develops the AutoPrep RIP (GerberRIPs).

Effective April 1, 2000, Barco turned over their Harlequin ScriptWorks based RIP business to Xitron. Xitron now supplies RIPs for the Barco CRESCENT Platesetters and IMPPRESS Proofers. The agreement includes new sales and customers currently under contract with Barco.

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